About Us

IBDHorizons® is a nonprofit organization working with a team of experts focusing on Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Our focus is on education related to the diagnosis, management and advancement of IBD. We provide accredited educational symposia to areas where access to IBD specialists and experts or centers of excellence in IBD care is limited.

IBD Horizons® will be hosting the 4th Annual Northwest IBD Symposium on March 2nd,2019 in Seattle, WA and the 2ndAnnual Midwest IBD Symposium in Columbus, Ohio February 23, 2019.



IBD Horizons®, an innovative nonprofit organization, was specifically designed to meet the need for CME certified inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) focused education. IBD Horizons®was founded by Drs. Afzali, Lee, Wahbeh and Mr. Strunc in Seattle, Washington with a primary mission to bring IBD education to a large community of providers and care teams. IBD Horizons® hosted their second symposium “Controversies and Debates in IBD Management 2017” with resounding success of nearly 200 attendees, majority being gastroenterology physicians and practitioners in the state of Washington, as well as Oregon, Alaska and Montana.Pre and post-program assessment clearly demonstrated thatthe IBD Horizons® symposium objectives were met.  The attendees also reported that immediate clinical practice management changes in the care of IBD patients will be implemented within one week of attending this symposium, directly impacting a wide patient population.

Past participants agreed that following the meeting they could better

  • Analyze the effectiveness of biologics and predictors of response in order to optimize the management of patients with moderate-to-severe Crohn’s disease.
  • Assess the latest evidenced-based information on growth preserving medical and surgical management of IBD in pediatric patients.
  • Assess the evidence regarding the role of therapeutic drug monitoring in order to optimize response to biologics in patients with IBD.
  • Examine the efficacy and role of calcineurin inhibitors and biologics versus role of surgery in patients with steroid-refractory ulcerative colitis.
  • Evaluate the available data on azathioprine and methotrexate in order to optimize their use in patients with steroid-refractory IBD.
  • Understand that biosimilars in IBD will be available and appraisal of their role is needed.
  • Widely apply new information learned at the 2017 symposium to IBD patients seen in the future.

IBD Horizons® will be hosting the 4th Annual Northwest IBD Symposium on March 2nd, 2019 in Seattle, WA and the 2ndAnnual Midwest IBD Symposium in Columbus, Ohio March 9, 2019.

The IBD Horizons® educational platform is unique in that it is designed and developed by a core team of gastroenterologists who are involved both in peer-to-peer education and advanced academic clinical practice. The medical steering committee of Drs. Anita Afzali, Scott D. Lee, and Ghassan Wahbeh are practicing IBD specialists and key opinion leaders in the field of IBD.    Their collective expertise in conjunction with Mr. Paul Strunc, a leader in the planning and execution of educational meetings in the field of medicine, allows for the accurate design and implementation of multi-format IBD focused educational events that address the recognized gaps in the United States, specifically in areas where access to advanced IBD specialists or centers of excellence in IBD care are limited.