We are focusing on building meaningful meetings which correspond to your needs and requests. These vary in range from 20-person local roundtable
“The Dialogue” to larger medical conferences between 150 and 200 attendees.

Relevant and engaging presentations by renowned speakers

IBDHorizons has developed privileged relationships with some of the top key opinion leaders in IBD and are very excited to provide a platform to share their knowledge.

Experts include: Dr(s) Anita Afzali, Stephen Hanauer, Brian Feagan, Miguel Regueiro, Scott D. Lee, Fernando Velayos, Bincy Abraham, Ghassan Wahbeh, Feza Remzi.

Forum to ask questions

The large conferences are equipped with an Audience response system where questions can be addressed directly to the speakers and the panel with ease.

Our smaller meetings called “The Dialogues” provide a relaxed dinner atmosphere where cases are discussed among the moderators and attendees.


Ability to reflect upon and refine your own practices

We realize that you have a thorough knowledge of IBD that you put in practice on a daily basis and offer you a place where you can share and discuss these methods.

Our hope is you walk away with both confirming your thoughts as well as acquiring new knowledge.

Opportunity to collaborate with others in same field

The field of IBD is constantly evolving, we are here to provide opportunities for you to keep pace with the developments while increasing your expertise in the field and your ability to deliver optimum care.


Obtaining CME credits (For Free)

All our large meetings provide you with CME credits.

Simply complete the forms and receive them in your inbox.

Who Attends

IBDHorizons brings together doctors, surgeons, advanced practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists providing care for IBD patients from all over the country.